Vulnerability Assessment & Security Testing

By April 14, 2015Security


Do you wonder how well your network protected? Do you have clients and/or vendors asking for your network security policy? Are you required to meet certain security standards?


Design One has partnered with Metasploit, the makers of the world’s leading security testing software. This gives us the ability to preform state of the art Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. For a fixed fee Design One can assist you in developing a written network security policy and put it to the test. This will identify and fix weak links in your information security system. The best offense is a good defense when it comes to your network’s information security.

Regular IT security tests that every organization should perform.

 1.   Vulnerability Assessment to identify and quantify where your network is at risk. This test enables you to locate weaknesses in your defense and provides you with a list of vulnerabilities sorted by risk and host.
2.   Basic Penetration Testing, or “Pen Testing” subjects your network to real-world cyber-attack scenarios. This test:
  • Simulates actions of cyber attackers determined to breach your network perimeter;
  • Exploits critical systems to locates and verifies gaps in your IT security defenses;
  • Provides mitigation procedures.

When should these tests be performed? Security tests should be scheduled and performed on a regular basis. The number of times a test is performed per year will depending on factors such as company environment and industry. In addition to scheduled tests, additional testing should be performed when: • New network infrastructure or applications are added. • Significant upgrades or modifications are applied to infrastructure or applications. • New office locations are established. • Security patches are applied. • End user policies are modified. • Well known vulnerability is revealed to the public. Contact Matthew to schedule an evaluation today.