DesignOne Security

The Internet is an essential tool for businesses.

Companies without a significant online presence do not benefit from the same public visibility as those that do; however, the public visibility that brings in more customers also puts companies at greater risk of having being hacked. A downed network means a loss of employee productivity, and having sensitive information leaked poses security and legal risks.

Design One will meticulously review your computer and server systems for potential security vulnerabilities. Our Network Consultation & Design service will then develop a customized, layered security plan that combines Internet and email usage policies with the Symantec Anti-Virus protection, the SonicWALL and McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity. This comprehensive network security protects your business’s network, systems, users and data.

Trusting Design One to monitor your network takes the burden off of you and allows you to put your staff to work on what’s really important: serving your clients.

Additional Security Benefits

We also offer remote monitoring, an extra layer of defense that makes Design One your “network watchdog”, allowing us to view your network’s status at all times. Clients utilizing this service are alerted of impending security breaches before any damage is done. We also monitor and resolve other non-security issues, such as a server with low-disk space, without any interruption to your service.

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